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Our Story

Message From the Owner

“Established in 2002, Premier General Services is a family owned business that has been serving the Dallas / Fort Worth Area for over 18 years. 

Our clients love the quality, consistency and professionalism we bring to work, day in day out. They know they can depend on us to take care of their need's no matter how big or how small they are. We are very thankful that we still have clients that started with us back in 2002 when we were starting out. We are very blessed to have them as part of our client based and to consider some as part of our family!

I founded Premier General Services because I was inspired and driven by growing up watching my parents work tirelessly to take care of their clients. I am very thankful to have had such an example of what hard work is all about! 

Life won't give you anything for free, you have to earn everything get and when life knocks you down, you pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. 

My dream is to make Premier General Services one of the best and more respected companies in our area. My goal is to be able to help those in need, charities around the world, and much more. 

My promise to you is to always be honest, trustworthy and dependable. 

- Diego Louzada